Property Management




GOALS Your property is an important   and valuable asset and we handle and manage your property as if it were our   own. For Pangburn’s Property Management, our primary goals are to:

  •   Protect Your Property: We work and manage on  your property in a discreet, professional and competent manner. We look for  risks, liability, and safety factors constantly. If renting, we screen  prospective tenants to protect your interests for your best interests.
  •   Maximize Your Cash   Flow:   Our commitment is to obtaining the maximum amount of rent  for your home that market conditions will  support, thereby maximizing your income. We work hard to minimize the cost of  repairs and maintenance using our wide range of talents and  contractors.
  •   Minimize the Vacancy   Period: My specialty and experience is tenant selection and services.   We are committed to a full service program that will be minimizing the time   that your rental is not generating income.
  •   Do the Work for You: We can handle everything so you can spend   your time on more important things! If you choose, we can handle all required   tasks and services..


Leasing/Tenant   Placement Service Our leasing services   are included as part of our Full Management Service. These services include:

  •   Evaluating market conditions in relation to your property’s   rental value.
  •   Listing your property on  and other popular links.
  •   Placement of additional advertising.
  •   Showing your property to prospective tenants.
  •   Appropriate tenant screening including  credit background check, as well as   employment and evictions history, prior to acceptance.
  •   Executing lease agreement and other required documents.
  •   Collecting first/last month’s rent and security deposits.

Full Service   Management
Our Full Service   Property Management includes all Leasing Services as well as:

  •   Collecting monthly rents.
  •   Paying owner’s bills as directed
  •   Handling requests for repairs and maintenance.
  •   Arranging and making payment for required repairs or maintenance   work.
  •   Paying to owner or depositing to owner’s account amounts   recieved in excess of required disbursements.
  •   Providing owner with fully itemized monthly invoices and   statements.
  •   Day to Day oversight of Properties.
  •   Periodic inspections of the property during lease in order to   ensure proper maintenance.
  •   Arranging tenant relations, notices and evictions when   necessary.
  •   A final inspection and closing statement, upon tenants vacating the   property.